Its a reality that millenials don’t consider IT jobs as hot as it used to be some 15 years ago. In fact you would notice not many of them considering engineering education these days? Usually we associate hotness in a job to Money and glamour but if the job restricts you either ways then? Our millennial wants a piece of everything this world has to offer.

How do they decide?

They think Different, act Quick, and do not want restrictions in life. They want to become a job creator rather than job aspirant, They want to follow their passion which takes them places, some have appeared as leaders in no time and some have smartly turned their followers into customers building successful business model for them. These pointers leaves us with some new age keywords like Startups, Freelancer, Blogger, Vlogger, Social Entrepreneur & Ideapreneur these are the true representations of this new generation. So what impacts them?

Social media impacts behavior:

 Today’s generation socially thinks, socially responds and socially moves. This means quick in saying yes to something interesting, encouraging and quick in disliking something dragging and negative. The biggest setback for any industry is that Social media has contributed in increased churn in organisations. The attrition rate is all time high in IT industry.

Complex systems- too much change: 

Millienials want at least learning to be made free and easy, they don’t want to rely on one skill rather they wish to switch easily whenever required. In IT industry learning and keeping pace with new technology has turned into a mess right now. Recently NASSCOM has come up with futureskills for IT workforce because they realized not enough resources exist.

Large gap in incentives system: 

Our millennials are quick in catching what works for them and what not. That’s the reason we see huge gap between IT Services company vs startups. These guys love startup like culture mainly due to incentive system. This includes good pay, good location, cool gizmos, financing playful activities, stock options for freshers as well, no bossy culture etc. Now compare this with any IT services company and you would know what i am talking about here.

Passion takes over necessity: 

For Millienials passion is the key, You would notice many stories where someone is passionate about travel and got an offer from travel company to write blogs for them and get handsomely paid. In a survey India is yet to experience full potential of Internet speed and reach as compared to China. Our millenials find passion for blogging, Vlogging and many of them earn more than a President or CEO of a software company. Some names for you to explore are: Amit Agrwal, Pritam Nagrale, Ankur Agrawal, Sandeep Maheswari these young people have income of more than Rs.1 Millionn/Month.

Campus Hiring is at lower level: 

Have you noticed that Campus hiring for these big IT companies have slowed down? It could be either company may not have mass jobs or seniors of graduating students have not given good feedback. Well all in all charm for IT jobs has diminished among young ones.

Not enough good stories to Inspire: 

Let me ask you, which innovation you would recall coming from IT company in recent past? very few right. If I ask you if you have come across innovative ideas or startups in recent times you would have many names. Our young generation wish to innovate wish to be top of the world so they would not like the same Technology culture which limits them.

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