Issues with Boss – How to understand it with the help of Astrology.

A boss is one of the toughest entities that anyone can come across. He/she is someone who actually exercises complete authority over you in your workplace. Many times there are unwanted problems like lack of job satisfaction, stability and security, fear of losing job, constant transfers, delayed promotions, incompatibility with boss or subordinates, termination of job, underpaid jobs, constant job changes and breaks in careers all could be attributed to existence of Boss.
They say Boss is always right, even when he/she commit blunders! That is how any corporate culture is trained and to climb the corporate ladder faster it is said, the first tip is to keep your boss happy, few succeed in the same, and few fail miserably. It all depends on individual’s horoscope, and the planetary positions.

Factors influencing profession:

  • 1st House: General attitude and life style of the native.
  • 2nd house: Money Saving.
  • 6th house: Everyday job responsibility and place of employment,
  • 8th house: termination of job.
  • 9th house: fortune of a native and represent boss.
  • 10th house: rules profession
  • 11th house: income of the native.

Let’s understand this through this video:

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